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Exercise 1: Subject, Verb, Complement, and Modifier

Exercise 1: Subject, Verb, Complement, and Modifier

11.      George     is cooking         dinner                tonight
Subject   Verb Phrase   Complement     Modifier of Time

22.      Henry and Marcia   have visited       the president
         Subject           Verb Phrase       Complement    

33.      We           can eat            lunch            in this restaurant            today
Subject      Verb         Complement     Modifier of Place    Modifier of Time

44.      Pat           should have bought     gasoline                yesterday
Subject          Verb Phrase          Complement       Modifier of Time

55.      Tress          grow
Subject      Verb

66.      It             was raining     at seven o’clock this morning
Subject   Verb Phrase            Modifier of Time

77.      She            opened      a checking account         at the bank                last week
Subject        Verb            Complement         Modifier of Place     Modifier of Time

88.      Harry          is washing         dishes                right now
Subject     Verb Phrase    Complement    Modifier of Time

99.      She            opened        her book
Subject        Verb       Complement

110.  Paul, William and Mary   were watching       television       a few minutes ago
              Subject                 Verb Phrase         Complement     Modifier of Time

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